Tour Around the Nation

Here are the places that you have to visit in Saudi Arabia. There are more in Saudi Arabia than music, dances, art and architecture. See for yourself the spectacular beauty hidden in this Islamic kingdom.

Farasan Island- In this Island, every visitor enjoy the beautiful sand. The paradise is full of amazing views that entices all the visitors to come back to the place. There is a mangrove forest that you can watch while staying in the Island.

Al Soudah- Summer is the best time you can visit this place. The park is good for cable cars, camping sites, hiking and many outdoor activities you can do. There are animals animals and plants you can play with, plants are also available for you to take pictures of.

AL Lith- this is the best diving destination for local and tourists. It is most famous for its blue and clear water, and is rich is marine life. Many people visit this small town to see the beauty of the ecosystem.

Wahba Crater- Even volcano crater is very good for its scenic beauty. In this crater you can do outdoor activities such as camping and playing.

Qassim- Cultural heritage are very important for the growth of people. It is good  that there are cultural that we can visit in order to know more about the place and not just seeing the natural views and say wow to the place. It would also be nice to learn the culture and tradition of the nation.