Top 10 countries with the largest oil reserved

Oil is one of the world’s commodities that is in demand. Many countries who needs it are at the mercy of the nations who control the oil prices. Around the world, you can see how important is oil, especially in transportation. Even if there are much renewable energy that can serve as an alternative but it is still not enough to cover up what the world needs. Also, oil is easier to use and acquire than the alternative one. Due to this and other reasons, oil is still one of the commodities that sit on the top of the chain.

In the video, it presented the top ten countries that have oil reserve. When we do not have much idea we just thought that oil comes from the middle east. But Russia also has this natural oil reserve that makes their country function well in the economy. These countries that have the largest oil reserve mostly are from the middle east or Arab nations. But Canada also tops the list as the number three in the rank for elder caring service, read more 九福長照機構 . The number two is the country of Venezuela.

The number one is no other than the famous country of Saudi Arabia. Their rulers have enjoyed such a lavish lifestyle and it also shows in their policies.