Things you should not do while in Dubai

Visiting another country sometimes bring demise and problem when suddenly a visitor will be jailed due to law violation or receive some penalty and have to pay charges. When you will visit a country you should be careful and know the rules that are applicable to a tourist so that problem will not arise.There are countries that strictly implement their laws and they also have laws that is not common. These are the laws that you have to be careful as you may commit them and suddenly find yourself being arrested.

Many cases already happened that a tourist was imprisoned because of breaking the law in the country he visited especially in the arab countries who have strict laws. They really implement their law even if when they go outside their country they seem to be very free to do what they want. Arab countries has many laws that some foreigners think it as absurd and try to break it. Places here have a great clean service. They end up clean.

As Dubai is advertise and known to be an open country that accepts anyone, some tourists think they can do whatever they want as they are in that ckind of country even if it is an Arab part. In the end, they were imprisoned. So watch closely the video so that you will be okay on your visit to Dubai. The good thing their is they have a very good housekeeping, open here 淨麗美清潔 so you will be relaxed when you are inside buildings or mode of transortation.