The top 10 cleanest Arab countries

If you listen about the Arab countries you will naturally imagine desserts and the heat. You would not think first of their cities but maybe you will if you have visited there. Surprisingly, there are the countries in the middle east that are classified or ranked as cleanest among them. The ten countries are presented in the video below and you will be surprised to their ranking and how clean they are. The ranking is based on the environmental index they received.

The tenth country in the list is the country of Oman that receives an environmental performance index of 44. The country of Morroco followed Oman having an environmental performance index of 45.76. Other countries like Sudan gained an index according to the performance in the environment of 46 points. It is nice to see that there are many Arab countries who maintain a good level of environmental good performance. Visit with your visa from here, visit 泰雅.  Each country should do their best for the benefit of the whole planet as it now becomes more aged showing signs of malfunctions and so much pollution.

The second in the rank who has good performance in the index based on the environment performance is the United Arab Emirates. The top one who gained a 55.18 score as a performance index in the environment is the country of Egypt. Prepare your visa now to visit here from this agency’s great fee service 台胞證哪裡辦. If you want to know more about this country you visit in their official website in the internet.