The Source of Arabian Economy

Saudi Arabia and other Arabian nation get its economic survival through exportation of oil. it is richest in the middle east having oil and factory as the power of the economy. Although middle east is not a country blessed with tourism growth, it is also doing its best to make the nation stable in their job and economic status. This is the most amazing in the middle east. The government is able to manage its people giving them free hospitalization fee, education and many more.

It seems like it is very hard for a nation to always have a free access in everything but it is far better than what people thought. Poor countries are the countries full of private businesses. Saudi Arabia has also employed many overseas workers in their nation. The economic activity is ruled tightly. In the Arabian society, it is important to note that they also are strong in the world of trading. This is the number one highest economic activity in the country.

In terms of foreign investment, the government take charge of the screening and that it is not so bad and this is a good point of the government. Private companies should also undergo certain policies that the government impose about the establishment since private companies should not overpower government activities. However, regarding private companies, Islamic regions are accountable for it and they themselves are private property holders. Businesses that are put up privately have to abide with the customs and decree of the nation.