Is Islamic States and Nations Frightening?

In the name of a religion, no one can say if Islamic State are frightening or not. But in the case of the uprising terrorism around the world, Islam is blamed by many states around the world since the leading terrorist mostly come from Muslim. Terrorism is something that is very frightening. All people are trembling in fear because of this. Yet many consider it because of the religion on account. But note, even if a religion commits an evil act, is conscience not bothered?

Nevertheless, people will have something to say about the doctrines of a religion which does not abide with the human right. Many can say that is very important for humans to think wisely, carefully and live as a just and upright person even without the guidance of a religion. However, if there is such a religion that tolerates terrorism, what can we say about that? What can we say about that? Is there any authority of strong nation to eradicate terrorism using the law in this world?

Of course, there are much things to talk about terrorism. Some Christians also are terrorist, aren’t they? All religion have people enacting terrorism, so what to say now? Is religion blameless? If religion violates human rights, then what good is having a religion? All religious organization talks about their own god. So what does it imply when people who talk about their god sin against humanity? There is what we call conscience of each and every mind.