Countries with shocking death penalty laws

What is your view when it comes to the death penalty issue? This issue has not been settled with a definite conclusion and it really depends on each country. This form of punishment has been in existence a long time ago and until now is in force. Many countries abolished it but still, much support and practice it. This practice varies in ways that countries may do. In the Europe continent, only two of the country practice or still impose death penalty but cases are rare.

In the video, it presents the ten countries that the punishment they have for certain crimes is the death penalty. When you speak of a death penalty, what comes to your mind is that it is a punishment that is given over to those who have committed a very grave sin. This is the standard and the reason that many people support the death penalty law. Because it is given to the criminal with a grave sin so it is fine that death penalty will be given as punishment. But how about if the crime he committed seems a petty one?

In the video above it presents that the number one in the list which is Turkey give the death penalty to a person who was forced to do suicide. If you commit prostitution in Sudan then you will surely get the death penalty. You can pop over to this web-site and see also another writing about something that is interesting and you might try.