Arts and Music

There are tow types in the Arabian music: That is the secular and religious music.

For the secular music, these includes genre like pop and western music. They are also influenced by the western music. This is why there are a lot of Arabians who have been also boosting music in this age. Arabian music though did no gain popularity around the world just as the western and the eastern do.

This probably because of the influence of Islam in the kingdom.

Tariq Abdulhakeem is the most famous singer in Saudi Arabia, who composed and published Arabian songs for the kingdom. It is not too much to say that he developed the modern music of the Saudi Arabians. For Muslims, they are not really acquainted to secular music because such music will distract them from their devotion to their eyes.

Art is all around the world, Arabian nation is also full or art in their daily life. Their taste in art is seen through their food, clothes, buildings and many more. Actually, Arabians also participate in international convention and competition in the world of arts. This is why The Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts and the King Fahd Cultural Center. This is why there are youth organizations for international exhibitions.

When we see Saudi Arabia, their life is full of poetry. While poetry is fading in some parts of the globe, poetry is being boosted and preserved in the Arabian Kingdom. Poetry is the most beautiful literary artwork in the world according to them. They have also preserved the traditional dances like “Al Ardha”, their national dance.