Arabian Society: People and Culture

Arabian Society in the Middle East have also their own tradition that inhibits the nation and that keeps the nation intact to itself to avoid the mass to scatter. The daily life of the Arabian people is governed by the secular and religious laws. Arabian people are in need to study their religious laws. The religious laws rooted from their Muhammad, believed as the prophet of the Islamic religion. This is why the laws governing the Islamic society are mostly religious laws that are needed to be practiced by each and every Muslim.

In their daily life, you will see these culture:

Dress Code for Women

No women should be uncovered from to toe. All must cover their body through the abaya (black robes with face covering). For single, this has to be imposed and no one should go against the rule. For married, it is an option to uncover their face.

Major Holidays

In the Arabian Society, whether Muslim or not, they respect the biggest religious ritual of Muslim, Ramadan. In this holy seasons, they fast (without eating or drinking) from sunrise to sundown. All people have to bow down to this feast. In non-Muslim countries, they also mark these holidays as there holidays though not participating in the feast.

Traditional Food and Sacrifices

In the custom of the kingdom, people eat vegetables like squash, okra, eggplant, pumpkin, and meat like camel, chicken, cow, goat but never Pork because this is regarded as unclean base on their religious rites and customs. They also do not drink alcohol, regarded us unclean too. They sacrifice food and animals on their religious days and time like religious feasts, wedding ceremony’s and religious holidays. Regarding visitors, they always welcome visitors offering them the best slaughtered meat they can offer. If they can afford goat, they go for goat. They can also use chicken but this is just a substitute.

Family customs

Family size does not matter. Extended families still have to stay together. In the family, they can offer gifts but flowers are not given by men to women. Families should have their proper hygiene since this is a teaching of their prophet Muhammad.